Low Back Pain

 Low Back Pain

Valued Health Osteopathy, Bentleigh East

Osteopathy and Low Back Pain


Unfortunately, approximately 80% of the Australian population will suffer from low back pain and back pain some time in their lives with 10% suffering from significant disability. It is often described as an ache, stiffness or sharp pain in your back. It is important to speak to a health professional immediately if you are experiencing problems with bowel or bladder control or severe, constant pain or weakness/ numbness in either one or both of your legs.


There are many causes of low back pain. There are different types of injuries that may cause pain and unfortunately there are many mechanisms in which we may be injured. Most injuries are due to either problems within the muscles, joints, nerves, discs or ligaments of the spine and/ or how they work together. Common causes of back pain include:

 – long periods of sitting or standing

– heavy lifting

– pregnancy

– muscle weakness

– injury – such as a sudden fall, trip or car accident.

– poor movement patterns

– constipation, irritable bowel, endometriosis and menstrual pain.


The Osteopaths at Valued Health Osteopathy, East Bentleigh are able to see you without a referral from a GP and are trained to know the difference between uncomplicated back pain and back pain requiring referral to specialist care. We will take a detailed case history and complete a thorough examination to determine the likely cause of your back pain. Osteopathic treatment aims to:

– reduce muscular tension and nerve irritation

– improve joint mobility

– reduce the duration of low back pain episodes

– we will offer advice on exercises and stretching


At Valued Health Osteopathy we also provide Clinical Pilates services. It is thought that performing strength and flexibility exercises may considerably reduce the severity and frequency of low back pain.  This enables thorough care for patients suffering from low back pain. For more information regarding Clinical Pilates in East Bentleigh please click here.


 In some cases, there may be a more serious cause for low back pain such as a disc injury, fracture, tumour or infection which usually requires ongoing specialist support. If the staff at Valued Health Osteopathy are concerned about your back pain, we have close relationships with other local health professionals so are able to refer you as required.


If you have any questions or would like to see if we could help your low back pain, please give us a call on (03) 9570 9061 and ask to speak to an Osteopath directly. Alternatively you may also book online. 


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