Clinical Pilates in East Bentleigh

 Clinical Pilates:

Valued Health Osteopathy

Valued Health Osteopathy is excited to announce that we are now offering Clinical Pilates within East Bentleigh.

.Clinical Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that often includes the use of equipment. At Valued Health Osteopathy we have a pilates reformer, trapeze extension and various floor based equipment. Clinical Pilates can be incorporated in the treatment and management of various musculoskeletal disorders.

Your first appointment will include a detailed medical history followed by an examination. The examination will include assessing your overall balance, coordination, strength and mobility before focusing on your particular area of concern. The initial assessment generally takes about 45 minutes. Following the initial assessment, your Osteopath will discuss your ongoing management with you. Usually this involves the prescription of some small exercises to be performed at home along with self management strategies. Ongoing Clinical Pilates sessions may also be of benefit.

Clinical Pilates Prices:

Initial Assessment: $140.00

Subsequent Individual Pilates session: $100.00

To make an appointment call (03) 9570 9061 or make a booking online.

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