Dr. Tom McCormick (Osteopath)

Dr. Tom McCormick


B.App.Sc.(Comp.Med.), M.Ost.

Dr. Tom McCormick – Director and Principal Osteopath at Valued Health Osteopathy in Bentleigh East.

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Dr. Tom McCormick (Osteopath) is the Director and Principal Osteopath at Valued Health Osteopathy in Bentleigh East.

Dr. Tom McCormick is a qualified Osteopath and Dry needling practitioner and is also a member of the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. Tom has also completed further studies in optimal movement patterns with the FMS (Functional Movement Systems).

The sayings ‘first move well, and then move often’ and ‘don’t add strength to dysfunction’ by Gray Cook are two factors that Tom heavily abides by.

Tom believes it is important to address the immediate issues causing pain, however feels it is equally important to improve his patient’s ongoing movement, tissue quality, muscle activation and muscle strength in order to optimize injury recovery and reduce the chance of re-aggravation.

Since Tom graduated as an Osteopath he has had the opportunity to work both in Queensland and Victoria within private practice and has worked closely with sporting teams. Tom has suffered many injuries and complaints over the years due to his heavy interest in sport. From broken bones, torn cartilage, tendon and muscle injuries to even a double hernia repair, this is ultimately what led Tom into the health field.

Tom has a hands on approach to healthcare by utilizing a broad range of techniques that are tailored specifically to each patient. Such techniques include mobilization, soft tissue massage, stretching, trigger point therapy, dry needling and exercise rehabilitation.

Although Tom enjoys treating athletes, he also thrives on the sense of enjoyment that comes with helping his patients of all ages with many other injuries. Tom also has experience in treating headaches, back and neck pain, hip, knee and ankle injuries and shoulder and elbow pain.

Here at Valued Health Osteopathy Tom will use his Osteopathic experience, coupled with his further training to assess, diagnose, rehabilitate and treat in order to get you moving better with less pain.

Outside of work Tom loves to travel, watch plenty of sport, exercise and loves a good coffee.

To make an appointment with Tom at Valued Health Osteopathy call (03) 9570 9061 or book online HERE.

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