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What Is Telehealth?

What is Telehealth? | Can your Osteopath still help?

Valued Health Osteopathy
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Can’t make it into the clinic during COVID-19? That’s ok, we’re still here to help!

With the ever-changing landscape that is 2020, there has to be some silver linings to come out of it. One of those could be the introduction of Telehealth. Gone may be the days where you need to spend hours in waiting rooms, you may now be able to conduct the consults from the comfort of your own home.

Valued Health Osteopathy is now offering Telehealth Appointments for:

Pain Management Advice

Soft Tissue Release

Mobility Exercises

Rehabilitation Programs

Movement Screening

Ergonomic Assessments

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Telehealth is a technology-based alternative to face to face consultations. It can include mediums such as video conferencing (E.G. Skype, Zoom, or many other platforms), internet or telephone.


All registered health practitioners can use Telehealth as long as it is safe and clinically appropriate for the health service being provided. Osteopaths must still comply with the same regulations of their national boards as when they provide face to face consultations.


Firstly, your Osteopath will determine if a Telehealth consult will be appropriate for you and your concerns, if so, and you are happy to participate then we can organise a Telehealth appointment for you.

In these challenging times, IT security is of utmost importance. Before the consultation we ask for you to ensure you are within a safe and private area where you’re comfortable in having the appointment. We also utilise a Telehealth platform that provides security regarding broadcasting and connection. Your privacy and safety are of the upmost importance to us.

Via the video call we are able to have a chat to establish your presenting condition and discuss your past medical history. As we use video technology we may then ask you to do some different movements or exercises so we can evaluate your presenting complaint a little better. From there, we can discuss what we think may be occurring and develop a management plan that is tailored to you specifically. This may include some stretches (which we will be able to demonstrate), self-massage techniques (eg: spikey ball, foam roller etc), ergonomic and/ or postural advice. If it is appropriate, we can also create an individualised management and rehabilitation program for you to follow at home, this can be shared with you electronically after your consultation.


Would you like to know more about Telehealth and how Valued Health Osteopathy may be able to help? If so, give us a call on (03) 9570 9061 or book online today to make an appointment!

As always, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact one of our lovely reception staff or Osteopaths at the clinic on (03) 9570 9061 so we can help you Move, Grow and Thrive!

(03) 9570 9061


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All our Osteopaths at Valued Health Osteopathy are university trained allied health professionals who have completed a minimum of five years of university training. It is also a requirement that all our Osteopaths at Valued Health Osteopathy are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Osteopathy Australia (OA).

You do not need a referral to see one of our friendly Osteopaths at Valued Health Osteopathy. We have a very good relationship with many surrounding doctors, other health practitioners and personal trainers in the local community of Bentleigh East , Bentleigh, Ormond, McKinnon, Oakleigh, Carnegie, Caulfield, Moorabbin, Murrumbeena, Brighton, Clayton and Clarinda.

Valued Health Osteopathy offers:


Clinical Pilates

Scoliosis Assessment & Treatments

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

Massage Therapy

Exercise Rehabilitation

Strength & Conditioning

Valued Health Osteopathy is open 6 days a week with early morning and evening appointments. Move better with Osteopathy!

Valued Health Osteopathy is located at 3/658 Centre Road, Bentleigh East, Melbourne, Victoria, 3165.

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